What is KitSHIFT ?

Wanting to shift a Marquee?

Place a ‘FOR SALE‘ ad.

Looking for inspiration?

Search our ‘RANDOM‘ Category.

Offering a Support Service?

Place an ‘EVENT SUPPORT ad.

Placing an advert?

  1. Register FREE then Login.
  2. Click the green + to add your listing.
  3. Add a JPEG photo (max. 12)*.
  4. To change photo – add another!
  5. FULLY describe your item.

Display contact number?

To be contacted by phone, add your number to the ‘Description’ box.

How much?


FREE for buyers

FREE for sellers until 30/04/23

CLICK HERE for our 2022 rates.

Easy payment options (after 30/04/23) – PayPal or BACS

Who will see it?

KitSHIFT is a B2B (business to business) Marketplace for the Events Industry.

KitSHIFT is being introduced Nationwide.

Private Messaging between buyers & sellers option

Why advertise on KitSHIFT?

It’s quick, easy to navigate and affordable!

Simple pricing by Category (not item value).

Geo-location on every listing.

Private messaging by default (optional phone).

NEW item adverts are live for a full 12 months (no monthly fee).

All adverts are currently VAT free.

Advert duration?

Until SOLD.

Default is 12 months for NEW & USED items.

Can I edit my advert?

After listing, certain attributes can be edited but it must be the same item you originally listed!

(Simply Log in, click your profile, find your listing & use the editable options.)

When it’s Sold

Simply Log In and mark your item ‘SOLD

Is KitSHIFT involved?

Kitshift is only involved in hosting your advert. You will be responsible for any subsequent transaction.

Any tips for success?

  1. Take photos (up to 12) of your item showing everything you would want to see yourself.
  2. Comprehensive photos can save lots of back & forth messaging from buyers.
  3. Upload the photos in a JPEG format at least 1000 pixels wide.
  4. To change your photo – first add a second one (drag to re-order)
  5. Make sure your item looks its best as you’ll be competing with other sellers of similar items.
  6. Ensure good background lighting and make the item fill the picture.
  7. Be honest in your description of its condition, any defects or special features.
  8. Price it realistically or if you’re not sure of its value hit the ‘INVITE OFFERS’ dropdown.

Any tips for safeguarding?

  1. If a deal sounds too good to be true – it probably is, so be on your guard.
  2. Never part with your goods until you have received cleared funds or cash in hand.
  3. We strongly advise not accepting a cheque – they can bounce even 120 days after clearing!
  4. Don’t refund anyone without first confirming their identity and UK address.

Be aware of potential fraudsters and if suspicious – go to: www.actionfraud/police.uk

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