40kg Gazebo Leg Weight

Northampton, Northamptonshire, England, United Kingdom
40kg Gazebo Leg Weight
Condition: Used
Status: FOR SALE
Shipping: Collect

This heavy duty concrete weight is designed for all year round use, perfect for marquees, complemented with two carry handles which also double as anchoring points. They are also manufactured with precast recess at the base to manoeuvre with a pallet truck or trolley. These marquee weights are versatile and can be used to secure any structure on soft or hard ground.
Whether you are hosting a corporate event or a private event or just providing hospitably cover, security and safety is essential. These are secure marquee weights that can be used to ensure the safety of your marquee and guests.
These Marquee weights provide the facility for the marquees to be safely and easily secured. Cost new – £174.99 for set of 4
£25 each or 4 for £80

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