Fairy Lights White Cable 30x Warm White LEDs 3.3 metre (ELXXY/FW/W3)

Cornwall, England, United Kingdom
Fairy Lights White Cable 30x Warm White LEDs 3.3 metre (ELXXY/FW/W3)
Quantity: 50
Condition: New
Status: FOR SALE
Make: Essential Supplies UK
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White Rubber Cable with 30 x Warm White LEDS on each 3.3m Length.

Made from commercial-grade rubber rather than domestic PVC making these more durable and hardwearing and suitable for temporary short-term outdoor use.

Can be used with the 3, 6 & 12-way adapters. These can create a canopy effect that is stunning at weddings and special events.

These are the traditional lights with warm white LEDs. Fairy lights are also known as pea lights and string lights. The strings are connectable end to end, run a maximum of 36 sets off a single 13a starter cable. 10m versions also available, see other listings.

Required Items: You will need to buy a starter cable for this product: 13 Amp Starter Cable or 16 Amp Starter Cable, see other listings.

Cable Length 3.3m
Commercial grade HO3RN-F Rubber Cable, 3 x 0.5mm
Qty Lamps = 30 x 3v / 15mA 0.045w
Lamp Spacing approx 110mm
Light strings Join End to End

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