Red coconut matting

Red coconut matting Red coconut matting Red coconut matting
Quantity: 15
Condition: Used
Status: FOR SALE
Make: Indian via Paul’s Of Martock
Shipping: Collect or Delivery t.b.a.

Red/ wine red used coconut matting . 6m rolls x 1.8m . hemmed.
I haven’t pulled them all out of storage and don’t actually know how many available. I believe 15 maybe up to 20.
Some may/should be in vgc, some good, some part faded, some hems may have come undone.
some still useful but maybe not wedding quality.
Some may have straw or twigs / leaves still on.
Oldish but still good .
A couple came to us second hand from Carters in Reading a long while ago and would therefore be a lot cheaper than the new ones.
Kept in very dry storage.
Never jet washed or mud filled. Clean as possible.

From memory they cost 120 plus vat each.
Current cost for brown is 150 plus vat.
They have plenty life left in them and not giving them away…just need the storage!
I’d like a reasonable sensible offer!

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