Sealey LP55 Space Heater

Sealey LP55 Space Heater
Condition: New
Status: FOR SALE
Make: Sealey
Shipping: Collect or Delivery t.b.a.

Many users have found the advantages of propane heaters far outweigh the small additional running costs.
The fuel is more completely burned and does not leave an oily residue as experienced with paraffin heaters.
There is no odour, except for the few seconds during start-up and the units run a little more quietly since they do not need a compressor to drive the fuel to the burner.
Durable paint finish.
Fan assisted, fitted with a piezoelectric ignition system for trouble-free starting and features a direct gas head assembly.
Features safety solenoid preventing the unit from leaking gas without first being electrically started.
Supplied with an approved propane gas regulator and hose.
Complies with all relevant CE and EN directives.
Manufactured to BS EN 1596.
54,500Btu/hr(16kW) (Propane).
Overall Size (W x D x H): 230 x 460 x 310mm.
Brand New in Box
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